Here comes February and I am not sure how we are going to be able to top last month.  We started January with an appearance with Mahmoud Ahmed and ended it with a crazy sold out packed to the rafters show at The Woods. You will have to forgive us this month as we will be catching our breath a bit.

A big thanks goes out to Robert Ham, a writer who created an article on Tezeta Band in Willamette Week.  If you missed it you can follow the link HERE.  It is a good depiction Tezeta Band and they even used our picture.

In case you missed it we had our radio debut on KMHD Thursday February 3rd at 8:50 during Mornings on Macadam hosted byDJ Derek Smith.  He played Hametegnaw from our EP and gave us a shout out as well.  It was nice to hear out music played along side such greats as Mingus, Art Blakey and Mccoy Tyner.  So support KMHD and especially listen to the show on Thursdays 6-10 AM for some of the choicest music that you will hear all week.  And while you are at it feel free to request  our music once and awhile.

This Thursday February 10th we will be starting up our monthly Sengatera Sessions once again.  As always we will play a more casual and spaced out set starting at 9 PM-11PM.  We hope that you can make it.  We do these on the second Thursday of every month.

Where : Sengatera Restaurant 3833 NE MLK Jr. Blvd

When: Thursday February 10th, 9-11

Admission Free

Finally, I recently came across an interview with Francis Felceto, the creator of the Ethiopiques CD series that reads as a history lesson to the music we play.  The original inspiration for Tezeta Band came from the discovery of Mr Felceto’s  CD series and if you ever wondered why or how we got into this style of music just pick up any volume of the series at your local music store and give it a listen.   So follow this link and learn a few things about where this music comes from HERE it is definitely worth your time.

The cover of Ethiopique Vol 17 Tlahoun Gessesse
That’s it for now.  Thanks for supporting your local Ethiopian Cover Band and we will see you at Sengatera.

Tezeta Band