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October in TezetaLand

First off thank you to Mississippi Pizza and Suzette for letting us blow some noise in Jacqueline their restaurants last month. We are gradually getting the word out about Tezeta band and if you have any other suggestions for places that Tezeta Band should play, go ahead and drop us a line at booking@tezetaband.com. We Announcing would love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

Well it is officially Fall, and we are back to recording again. We hope to lay down enough decent tracks to have something for the masses in 2011. Until then, we would love wholesale jerseys to see even more turnout at our Sengatera cheap NFL jerseys Sessions monthly concert. September’s session was incredible and after a summer of playing short sets at large clubs, it was great to stretch out and play cheap jerseys things in a Fue!¨ more intimate setting surrounded by friends. The food and beer were outstanding and Yonnas is a warm and hospitable host who runs wholesale jerseys one of the best establishments in town.

So we will be continuing our wholesale jerseys Sengatera Sessions this month on Thursday, October 14th. In case you need better directions to the restaurant here is the address.

Sengatera Restaurant
3833 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd*
Portland, Or 97212

*Located on Failing and MLK across the as street from African Rhythm Traders.

Please drop by and say hello. We would love to see you there. We will be continuing these on the second Thursday of every month.

Till Next Time


Tezeta Band

Announcing the Tezeta Band site!

So you’ve got a MySpace page, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account; what’s missing in this digital age? Offers A web site of Business course! That’s why we are pleased to announce TezetaBand.com. Think wholesale nfl jerseys of it as wholesale nba jerseys a little oasis of Strategy American-Ethiopian music goodness. Or, just think of it as cheap jerseys a place where we cheap jerseys tell the full Tezeta Football Band story with songs, pictures, and stuff.